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The Sway Rainbow is an exciting toy for a child, it can be used in several ways and for different games, for example:

-              swinging - slowly, faster or very fast;

-              buying, selling or changing - as the Sway Rainbow can be used as a counter;

-              climbing over the Sway Rainbow or slipping through it;

-              sliding with feet forward or backward etc.

And most importantly that the Sway Rainbow develops child's imagination, as well as cognitive and physical abilities.


Size:  75x40x37cm

Weight:  5kg

Safety instructions:

Suitable for children from 1,5 year.

Maximum weight 50kg.

To be used under adult supervision only.

Only to be used inside.

Check the screws regularly if they are tightened appropriately. Retighten all screws on a regular basis.

The product can move through the child’s activity. Only to be used on the floor.

Estimated delivery 10 days.