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Preparing milk in an instant

There is a smart splitter in the head of Philley. Invert the powder canister, hold it over the bottle, and turn Philley's head to the right until you hear a "click." Each click represents one level measuring spoonful of milk powder (standard 4.6 grams). If your child needs 7 scoops of milk powder in 1 bottle, count up to 7 clicks. Simple, fast, hygienic!

Handy for at home and when traveling (Philley fits at least half a pack of baby food)

Winner Audience Award GIO at the Dutch Design Week 2018

Always and everywhere

Philley is based on patented technology and made of safe materials. Philley fits at least half a pack of baby food. Unscrew the generous bottom lid and put the milk powder easily and hygienically in the Philley. Fill once and you can go for days again. Philley also has a sleek design. After all, the eye also wants something.

Benefits of Philley

Exact dosage (the internal splitter ensures level scoops)
Quickly done (click, click, click, and your bottle is ready)
No mess (simple system, practical to use)
Winner German Innovation Award 2019
Dimensions 18x11x11
Net weight 200gr
Capacity 400gr