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JuNiki´s Double Neck, the innovative flask with easier filling. 

Keeps Your Drink at the perfect temperature up to 8 hours hot and up to 24 hours cold.

JuNiki's Double Neck Insulated Stainless Steel Flask features an unprecedented, patent-pending design that's ergonomic, sustainable, and ultra-convenient.

The first, smaller cap opening is the optimal size for spill-free drinking, while the second features an angled wide mouth opening enabling convenient refilling even under the tiniest dispenser or faucet, and even if you're holding the bottle practically horizontally. It also makes it easy to add ice, fruits, powder or anything else to your drink.

It's 100% leak-proof, even with carbonated drinks, and insulated to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours. The design itself is also carefully arranged to have no blind spots or tiny crevices that can grow mold, making it easy to clean without missing anywhere, and helping it stay clean longer.